sabato, agosto 08, 2009

Initiative against the Mafia. Cooperative Revives Land Formerly Belonging to Mafia

Pubblichiamo un articolo in inglese scritto da Natalie Trusso Cafarello
sull'esperienza del Progetto "Liberarci dalle spine"
CORLEONE, Sicily — Anti-mafia organizations are transforming former land of those who were convicted of having mafia ties into business opportunities and an educational tool for Italy’s youth. The cooperative Lavoro e Non Solo has been reviving since 1999 confiscated land and enterprises in the terrain surrounding the town of Corleone, formerly belonging to Mafiosi such as Cosa Nostra top boss Salvatore Riina who was arrested in 1993. Headquartered in a home that belonged to the Riina family, jointly with the social organization ARCI Toscana, the cooperative coordinates a camp of fulltime workers and volunteers from Tuscany and universities, to develop sustainable farms and agriturismi. The products — olives, tomatoes, grapes etc. — distinguished by the label “Libera,” are sold at supermarkets Coop and Botteghe del Mondo. The effort is not just economic, but also social and an eye-opening educational experience for youth. LEGGI TUTTO

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